Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Bella Nashville Wood-fired Pizza, Nashville, TN Farmers Market

When visiting the farmers market in Nashville, TN, it would be hard to miss the massive and multi-cultural food court. There are plenty of options to choose from: vegan Mexican, Caribbean, Greek, and fresh filled crepes cooked to order. In the mood for coffee, wine, or beer? You are in luck because you can find them all in one convenient location. The food court, located inside the Nashville farmer's market.

On our visit, we chose to eat at Bella Nashville, Wood-fired Pizza. Considering the variety of foods available, pizza may come across as boring. However, Bellas is more than just pizza, its authentic Italian cuisine. On this visit to the farmers market, we arrived near closing time. Because business was beginning to slow, we had a chance to speak to the owner of Bellas, Franco Ballarini. Franco is incredibly nice; he is originally from Italy and has been serving fresh pizza for over 20 years. After talking to Franco, I came to understand that the only secret to making a great pizza is to use quality ingredients. Though I forget his exact words, Franco says, "It's harder to make a bad pizza, than a good pizza".

If you can't already tell, we thoroughly enjoyed Bellas. The pizza was made fresh and cooked right in front of us. It had just the right amount of sauce, extra cheese, and the crust was perfect. When paired with an ice-cold Coke, this made for a perfect lunch. I cannot wait to have another free weekend to roam around the Nashville farmer's market and to try more authentic foods. If I were to guess, I would say that my wife and I will try Music City Crepes. Hopefully, my son will save me at least a bite of his pizza from Bellas.

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