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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Freeport Cafe Review, Freeport Florida, Delicious Burger!

Freeport Cafe is about 30 minutes from Panama City Beach. It's the perfect place to grab a delicious burger and have plenty of time to let it settle before hitting the beach or pool.

This small cafe is truly a local fav. While we waited, our server greeted several guest by name with classic southern charm.

The building is a bit of a dive, it is small and looks a bit run down. To be completely honest, had we not been starving, we may have made our way to another restaurant. But once inside, we were pleasantly surprised. It was very clean, decorated nicely, and smelled delicious.

We all got burgers, they were huge, messy, and cooked to order. After seeing large portions of fries walk by our table, we decided to split an order of sweet potato fries. I'm glad we did, because we all left stuffed for the remainder of the drive.

So next time you are passing through, do yourself a favor. Look past the exterior and stop at Freeport Cafe. If it's anything like our experience, then you won't regret it. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Bella Nashville Wood-fired Pizza, Nashville, TN Farmers Market

When visiting the farmers market in Nashville, TN, it would be hard to miss the massive and multi-cultural food court. There are plenty of options to choose from: vegan Mexican, Caribbean, Greek, and fresh filled crepes cooked to order. In the mood for coffee, wine, or beer? You are in luck because you can find them all in one convenient location. The food court, located inside the Nashville farmer's market.

On our visit, we chose to eat at Bella Nashville, Wood-fired Pizza. Considering the variety of foods available, pizza may come across as boring. However, Bellas is more than just pizza, its authentic Italian cuisine. On this visit to the farmers market, we arrived near closing time. Because business was beginning to slow, we had a chance to speak to the owner of Bellas, Franco Ballarini. Franco is incredibly nice; he is originally from Italy and has been serving fresh pizza for over 20 years. After talking to Franco, I came to understand that the only secret to making a great pizza is to use quality ingredients. Though I forget his exact words, Franco says, "It's harder to make a bad pizza, than a good pizza".

If you can't already tell, we thoroughly enjoyed Bellas. The pizza was made fresh and cooked right in front of us. It had just the right amount of sauce, extra cheese, and the crust was perfect. When paired with an ice-cold Coke, this made for a perfect lunch. I cannot wait to have another free weekend to roam around the Nashville farmer's market and to try more authentic foods. If I were to guess, I would say that my wife and I will try Music City Crepes. Hopefully, my son will save me at least a bite of his pizza from Bellas.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Supper Heros, Great Menu! Eat like a Superhero in Huntsville, AL

My son and I arrived in Huntsville, AL just before lunch. We wanted to try something new and memorable. We were looking for a restaurant that is local, kid-friendly, and awesome. It did not take us long to find the Supper Hero, which checked all the boxes.

I'll start with the overall atmosphere. The Supper Hero is a small sit-down diner, the entire room is decorated with action figures, comic books, posters, and comic memorabilia. The idea is great, and it is unlike any other restaurant that I have ever experienced. So, what's the problem? It is simply too much. The lights are painted with logos and the windows are painted with superhero murals. The lack of lighting makes the room very dim and gives the overall atmosphere a claustrophobic and cluttered feeling.

The menu is quite unique as well. The entire menu is in the form of a comic book, there are pictures, text bubbles, and well thought out descriptions of each menu item. Overall, this is a great idea, and it is very well-done cover to cover. My only complaint is that there is too much reading to determine what I want to order. This was a problem because the ordering process became slow. On this visit, I had to ask our server for more time, twice, which as a guest made me feel like I needed to hurry. 

At this point, I must sound like the "supper villain", and if so, then my superpower must be to nitpick my opponent, the Supper Hero to death. I assure you that I am no villain, but like any good comic, there must be a plot twist. A time in the story that allows the superhero the opportunity to reign victorious and to save the day. For the Supper Hero, that time is now. 

I'll begin with my son's meal; he wanted a plain cheeseburger (ketchup only) and a "full clip". The full clip is a large basket of fries, loaded with bacon, cheese, sour cream, and a side of ranch dressing. To be honest, half an order would have been plenty for both of us. But they were so good, we managed to finish the entire order. 
I have saved the most unique item on the menu for last, "The Huntsvillain". Since I've gotten older, I tend to lean toward a good old-fashioned cheeseburger. Lettuce, Tomato, onion, pickle, should be all that a good burger needs to be delicious. I am not sure why my taste has changed? I assume that it could be due to being older and now I am boring. But I'd like to think that it is because I have tried all of the exotic burger varieties and have settled on a timeless classic. 
The Huntsvillain is served with pepper jack cheese, fried jalapenos, and pepper jelly. This burger piqued my curiosity and made me turn to my old, much more youthful, way of thinking. The burger came out hot, the fried jalapenos were great, and every now and again I tasted a hint of sweet pepper jelly. Though I still prefer a classic cheeseburger, I thoroughly enjoyed the Huntsvillain. My only recommendation: before taking your first bite, be sure to have plenty of water and napkins on hand. This burger is big, messy, spicy, and sticky.

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Huntsville Space and Rocket Center

Peaches Corner, Footlong Hot Dogs (Disaster)

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Peaches Corner, Famous Footlong Hot dogs, Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, Disaster

We were in Myrtle Beach during our son's fall break. We had great weather the entire trip, some days were even quite hot for the time of year. We stayed in North Myrtle for the trip and we had planned to spend one afternoon walking the boardwalk. Since we would be on the boardwalk, we looked forward to eating at one of the local nostalgic restaurants. When we walked up to Peaches Corner, we immediately saw the huge "Famous Footlong Hot Dogs" sign. This night was destined to be hot-dog night for our family.

My son and I love hotdogs. I'd like to think that I am a hot dog connoisseur, if there is such. Some of the best dogs I have had come from Crickets in Smithfield, NC. I cannot mention hot dogs without mentioning The Varsity in Atlanta, GA. I like a variety of dogs, but one of my favorites is the classic chili dog. If your in Atlanta, The Varsity is a great place to have one. 

In order to create the perfect chili dog: you must start with a quality dog, next you add an all-beef chili with no beans. Then, I like to add a a fair amount of onion and a single stripe of mustard. To make it perfect, the dog needs to be caressed by a hot steamed bun. Once done you have yourself a classic North Carolina style hot dog, "all the way".

Now that I have established my credentials, I will share my Peaches Corner footlong-hot-dog experience. When we walked in, I immediately knew that this was a nostalgic diner. Turns out that Peaches Corner originated almost a century ago in 1937. I ordered a footlong chili dog, a small cup of slaw, cheese fries, and a lemonade. The hotdog itself was long and thin. I imagined that it was the cheapest dog that they could find. They did use the correct chili, with no beans, but it did not have any flavor. Again, I figured that the chili was bottom shelf and straight from a can. As you can see in the photo this sickly looking dog was sunken deep into a crumby bun, it was not steamed, and it had a small amount of condiments on it.  

As for the rest of the meal that I ordered at Peaches, it did not get any better. The slaw was runny and I ended up leaving it sitting on the counter untouched. The fries were not spectacular, but they were served hot and probably qualified as the best part of the meal. The lemonade served at Peaches is, you guessed it, straight out of a can. If I were guessing, I would say it was Country Time which is not lemonade at all. In fact, to sell it as lemonade is actually false advertisement. The company that owns the Country Time brand, Kraft Heinz, labels it as "lemonade flavored drink". If you happen to like Country Time, (I do not) Amazon offers it in a single serve packets. Click the image below to check the price. (Sorry for the plug, I couldn't resist.)

If you are looking for a cheap lunch on the Myrtle Beach boardwalk then look no further than Peaches, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Peaches is living off their past reputation. At one time, probably not during this century, I am certain that Peaches served top-notch quality food. Nowadays, they are your typical tourist restaurant, they serve cheap food that has little to no flavor and honestly isn't very good. Tourist restaurants are not unlike most other tourist traps, they do not focus on quality and customer service to acquire repeat customers. They focus on feeding as many people as possible and maximizing profits in a short amount of time. In a tourist destination like Myrtle Beach, there will be thousands of new and hungry travelers the following week. You and I will be hours away sitting at our desk. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Maggiano’s, Little Italy, Nashville, TN

Maggiano’s Little Italy, located in Nashville, Tennessee has always been one of our favorite Italian restaurants. My go-to dish is the Ziti while my wife's favorite is the lasagna. Both are great and you will not go wrong by choosing either of these great Italian dishes. Maggiano’s is consistent; they use the perfect amount of flavorful Italian sausage and fresh tomato sauce in both dishes. 

Based on my experience, if you dine at Maggiano’s you will not leave hungry. If you do get hungry later, no worries, you will likely have a take-home portion riding home in the back seat. For years, the taken home portion was included in the price of your entrée. I am sad to say that the days of the free lunch are gone. Maggiano’s now charges five dollars for the take-home portion but it is still a great value. 

Maggiano's Taylor Street Baked Ziti

As our appetizers, we chose the calamari and stuffed mushrooms. I have had better calamari but the mushrooms were just short of being a delicacy. Speaking of delicacies, Maggiano’s offers a dessert sampler that allows you to choose five smaller portioned desserts. I highly recommend the sampler. My family of five split these up and in the end; I was able to try the crème brulee and the butter cake. Both of these desserts were delicious but I think I prefer the butter cake a little more.

If you have not tried Maggiano’s in Nashville, please do yourself a favor and make a reservation today!

Friday, December 4, 2020

The Bent Rod Restaurant, McClellanville, SC

We were on our way back to North Myrtle Beach from Charleston, SC. We had spent the entire day at Patriots Point and by this time we were starving. The Bent Rod, located in McClellanville, SC, was the first eatery that showed on Google maps. McClellanville is a small fishing community with a population of approximately five hundred. The town sits directly on the east coast just north of Bulls Bay, and currently, it was our next stop.

The place looks small from the outside and it doesn't particularly stand out from its surroundings. In fact, if you aren’t paying attention then you may drive by and miss the place all together. On the inside, the owners have done a fantastic job of creating a cool vibe and an enjoyable atmosphere with limited space. They have also incorporated an open-air bar and added patio seating to maximize capacity.

When we arrived, I asked our server if they serve local seafood, I was assured that they do. Our server said that they purchase the bulk of their seafood from a local marina Just around the corner. This is the trend along the entire east coast, where there are several small fishing communities and a lot of great local restaurants. As a result, it is in this area that you can find some of the freshest and best seafood in the world. In my opinion of course.  

We started with the truffle fries; they were good but too oily for my taste. One of the locals overheard our conversation and recommended the shrimp his wife recommended the flounder. In the end, my wife ordered the shrimp, and I chose the flounder, so that we could try both. The portions were large, and everything was cooked perfectly. We had more than enough to eat and even left a few bites on our plates.

The Bent Rod is a wonderful place to stop and have some authentic local dishes. I also get the feeling that this would be a great place to enjoy a beer and try some local bar foods. If you are traveling along highway 17, the Bent Rod is worth a visit.

The Bent Rod

Friday, November 13, 2020

Review, Morton's Steakhouse, Nashville, TN, Highly Overrated

The upscale Nashville restaurant was a quarter of the way full at 7:30 on Saturday night. This was probably due to the effects of coronavirus and social distancing, but I could not help feeling a little surprised. We made our way to the table, our waiter brought menus and waters. My wife decided to order her first choice, which was miso sea bass (45). After overthinking it, I chose the 8oz. fillet served Oscar style with lobster meat atop (59). 

Miso Sea Bass
The Chilean Sea Bass was delicious and cooked to perfection; the miso was lightly sweet and brought out the flavor of the fish. The fillet was good as well, but I cannot say that it was the best I ever had, that prestigious award goes to Ruth's Chris steakhouse. As for the lobster meat, it was slightly overcooked and a bit chewy. In my opinion, a fillet is better served with a lobster tail rather than lobster meat. I was disappointed with the lobster meat and the meal as whole to be honest.  

8oz. Fillet Oscar
I have saved the best dish on the table for last. This is ironic because it was the first dish on our table. For our appetizer, we ordered the bacon-wrapped scallops (23). They were pan-fried to perfection and served with an apricot sauce that heightened the flavor of the scallops. The scallops were delicious, sadly the rest of the meal paled in comparison.  

Our overall experience was good, and our server did an excellent job. However, in regard to overall quality and value, Morton’s falls short. I have heard repeatedly that Morton’s is overrated. After experiencing the restaurant and the food for myself, I agree. For the same money, maybe less, there are far better restaurant options in the Nashville area.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Crab Catchers, Little River, SC, Cook what You Catch!!

We finished our deep-sea fishing trip and after giving away some fish we ended up with a couple of pounds of shark and grunt fish. We were in search of a restaurant that would prepare our catch and one of the deckhands recommended Crab Catchers. The location is awesome, it located on the waterfront in Little River, SC. They have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, where you can eat, sit, drink, and enjoy the view. Unfortunately, we thought is best to sit inside due to the forecast. 
Since my wife and I have little experience cooking fish in general and no experience cooking shark we left the preparations up to the chef. He chose to fry the grunt in flavorful cornmeal, and he grilled the shark. Half of the shark he prepared with a Cajun season and the other half in an herbal seasoning. It was all delicious and I cannot say that I preferred one variety over the other. 

To cook your catch, they charge a reasonable price. On our visit it was just $10.99 per plate and each plate comes with two sides. Keep in mind that they do not clean the fish in house, you will need to have them cleaned before arriving. We ordered three meals for my family of three and ended up with a huge basket of steaming hot friescorn on the cobmashed potatoes, and coleslaw. We left the restaurant with smiles and full bellies.

Whether you are just passing through or in town for the annual blue crab festival, be sure to stop by Crab Catchers on the waterfront. If you have a deep-sea-fishing trip planned, plan a stop at Crab Catchers for lunch.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Southern Manners Restaurant, Columbus, NC, Delicious Baked Oatmeal

Southern Manners is located in Columbus, North Carolina. From the time that you walk in the doors till the time you leave, you know that you are in the south. The décor has a southern feel, the staff has southern charm, and the food is simply delicious. 

The ordering procedure at Southern Manners is different from most other cafes. Instead of taking your seat and placing your order, you will visit a countertop where you order and pay. There are menus on the left as you enter and there are two cashiers available, so the lines moved swiftly. After paying, you will get your own coffee and find your way to a table. 

A Trump rally was happening in Columbus on the day we were in town, and we wanted to enjoy the show. We chose to sit upstairs and by a window, yes you read correctly, they do have upstairs seating. From our upstairs window overlooking the street below, we had perfect seats. As we waited for our food to arrive, we enjoyed watching the Trump flags and signs waving from the cars and truck driving by.

Due to the ordering process, it can be a bit difficult to carry multiple drinks and silverware up the stairs.  However, on the plus side, once at our table we had everything we needed to enjoy our breakfast. Our server helped with refills and any additional items we needed. As you may be able to tell, I wasn't crazy about the ordering process, but overall, I was happy with the alternative approach. 

While ordering, I noticed “baked oatmeal” on the menu. I was intrigued, so in addition to our eggs, grits, bacon, and sausage, (a true southern breakfast) I added a bowl for my family of three to try for the first time. Everything we ordered came out hot and fresh, but the baked oatmeal was by far the best dish on our table. There was a mountain of baked oats topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, pecans, and served with a small cup of milk. This ended up being a breakfast dessert that my son loved. 

I highly recommend Southern Manners restaurant. If I'm in Columbus, NC again, I know where I will be having Breakfast. 

Southern Manners