Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Crab Catchers, Little River, SC, Cook what You Catch!!

We finished our deep-sea fishing trip and after giving away some fish we ended up with a couple of pounds of shark and grunt fish. We were in search of a restaurant that would prepare our catch and one of the deckhands recommended Crab Catchers. The location is awesome, it located on the waterfront in Little River, SC. They have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, where you can eat, sit, drink, and enjoy the view. Unfortunately, we thought is best to sit inside due to the forecast. 
Since my wife and I have little experience cooking fish in general and no experience cooking shark we left the preparations up to the chef. He chose to fry the grunt in flavorful cornmeal, and he grilled the shark. Half of the shark he prepared with a Cajun season and the other half in an herbal seasoning. It was all delicious and I cannot say that I preferred one variety over the other. 

To cook your catch, they charge a reasonable price. On our visit it was just $10.99 per plate and each plate comes with two sides. Keep in mind that they do not clean the fish in house, you will need to have them cleaned before arriving. We ordered three meals for my family of three and ended up with a huge basket of steaming hot friescorn on the cobmashed potatoes, and coleslaw. We left the restaurant with smiles and full bellies.

Whether you are just passing through or in town for the annual blue crab festival, be sure to stop by Crab Catchers on the waterfront. If you have a deep-sea-fishing trip planned, plan a stop at Crab Catchers for lunch.

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