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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Professor Hackers MAYDAY Golf Review, Mini-golf North Myrtle Beach

From the highway you cannot miss the giant yellow plane or the emergency-orange helicopter hovering over the course. It is the one and only Mayday Golf! Professor Hackers' Mayday is located in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and it is one of the most iconic courses located on the strip. 

The course is well lit and exhibits a wide variety of decorations that create an enjoyable experience for kids and adults. The owners and staff have done an excellent job of keeping this course clean and up to date, but you can tell that Mayday is an older golf course. Some of the greens at Mayday are starting to show signs of aging and there were several loose bricks which create the boundaries for each green. Also, most mini-golf courses display the hole number and par for each hole. A few of the holes on Mayday's Rescue-Falls course were missing. My family and I improvised and scored the unspecified holes as par two. The points really did not matter to us, we were here for the experience.

As far as difficulty, both courses at Mayday golf were fairly easy. It may also be due to the age of the course but many of the holes were on the short side. We first played Rescue Falls, the one with the large orange rescue helicopter towering above. If I remember correctly, I scored par on every hole. Not to brag, but I scored an eagle on a couple of the holes. After playing Rescue Falls, we were pushed for time and ready for dinner.  Therefore, we decided to play Mayday Mountain as a scramble (best ball) and we easily pared all 18 holes on this course as well. 

It may sound like I was not entirely happy with the Mayday Golf experience, but that is not my intention. My family and I were incredibly happy with the overall experience, and we were glad we chose to play this iconic North Myrtle Beach golf course. Mayday golf provided an enjoyable evening of putt-putt, and several opportunities for family photos. 

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Coconut Creek Mini Golf, Panama City Beach, Florida

After we worked our way through the Gran Maze at the Coconut Creek Family Fun Park, we made our way over to the first miniature golf course. This has to be one of the top-rated miniature golf courses in Panama City Beach Florida. The course is very well maintained, vibrantly lit, and it is nicely decorated with a wildlife theme throughout. As you explore this unique putt-putt course you will be surrounded by a wide variety of interesting jungle scenery. You will see large sculptures of elephants, giraffes, alligators, and zebras to name a few. If that is not enough, there is a huge waterfall, a pond, and a couple of rope bridges. When you visit Coconut Creek be sure to have your cell phone or camera fully charged. There are plenty of photo opportunities for the family and one-of-a-kind backgrounds for Facebook selfies.

Many of the holes on the course are really short. It seemed that the shorter holes were designed to be slightly more difficult and featured various inclines which I always struggle with. That said, this course is not what I would consider hard and should be manageable for most kids. My son, who was 7 at the time, did not have any problems playing the course and I feel that he had a lot of fun.

The staff seemed to be very nice and helpful as well, we are the family that can never seem to find the first hole. As far as the prices at Coconut Creek, thy seem to be in line with most other touristy miniature golf courses. If you plan to enjoy the Gran Maze as well as one or both putt-putt courses, be sure to ask about the unlimited play pass. When we visited, the unlimited-play pass was just $24 per person, and I believe kids five and under played free. This is a great deal for a night of family fun and the pass also allowed for free play the following day before 5pm.

Overall, this was a very family oriented Panama City Beach mini-golf course. The course provided some challenges for the adults and still remained fun for the kids. Between courses, you may even want to try weaving your way through the Gran Maze at Coconut Creek.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Harbor View Golf, North Myrtle Beach

Whether you are looking for a driving range, a par-3 golf course, foot-golf, or putt-putt, you will find it all at Harbor View Golf, in North Myrtle Beach.

I played this Par-3 course with my wife, who had never played, and my 7-year-old son. We visited during the off-season, and it had rained most of the week before. The entire course was soaked, and the greens were extra soft and shaggy. I can only assume that the greens would be in much better condition during prime season. Due to the rain, I am sure the ground crew was unable to mow. I usually like the greens a little faster, but on this occasion, the slow greens were a huge plus. They were perfect for my wife and son to enjoy and not get frustrated.

This tee shot landed hard on the green, it was a very wet day.
Many of the greens at Harbor View are on the small side. Since we were playing a scramble, the size of the greens did not hurt us. We were on most of the greens in one or two shots and parred most of the holes. In the unfortunate event that we did not get on in two shots, we allowed my son to use his foot-wedge. Don't judge. We were out there to have fun, not to beat ourselves up over missing a green by two feet.

I have seen other reviews of Harbor View that say it is overpriced. I disagree, 18 holes of golf and a golf cart cost the three of us $80. In my opinion, this course offered a lot of value at this price. I am certain the price may be a bit more during peak season.  

If you are looking for a pristine par-three course, Harbor View may not be for you. However, high-end golf courses do not usually offer foot-golf for the kids. This Par-3 golf course is great for a day trip with your family or an easy day of working on your short game. 


Friday, October 9, 2020

The Lost Treasure Mini Golf - North Myrtle Beach, SC

Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure miniature golf is one of the best mini golf courses that my family has ever played. The entire 36-hole course is well designed and very well maintained. Each round begins with a short but enjoyable train ride around the entire course and up to the top of the mountain. This is where you will begin your journey, along rivers, over bridges, under waterfalls, and through the mysterious caves. 
Professor Hackers - Dinosaur
This adventurous putt-putt course is highly entertaining and very kid-friendly. Many of the holes have a themed storyline revolving around the adventures of the incredible Professor Hacker. The storyline adds an entirely different element for kids, and it really helps to keep them involved throughout the entire game. At the time of our visit, our son was seven years old. He enjoyed the course so much that we played both the diamond and the gold courses in a single outing. We ended up playing a total of 36 holes and having hours of fun. 

However, please do not mistake “kid-friendly” to mean “easy”. Each green on this course presents some interesting challenges for the adult golfers to enjoy. Regarding difficulty, I would say that The Lost Treasure is on par with most other minigolf courses. I'm no Arnold Palmer, but I have played my share of golf and minigolf. While it may not present you with as much difficulty as it did me, this course did include some challenges and obstacles.
Professor Hackers Lost Treasure
If you do decide to give Professors Hacker's Lost Treasure a shot, then be sure to take advantage of the discounted second round. At the time of our visit, the second round only cost six dollars per person. I highly recommend The Lost Treasure and I can't wait to experience other Professor Hacker mini-golf adventures. If you have experience with any of the other Professor Hacker courses, please leave a comment and share your experience.

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