Friday, December 4, 2020

The Bent Rod Restaurant, McClellanville, SC

We were on our way back to North Myrtle Beach from Charleston, where we had spent the day at Patriots Point. We were starving. The Bent Rod was the first eatery that showed on Google maps. My wife was less than enthusiastic about stopping here, I believe it was primarily due to the name, which I happen to like.

This place really blends in with it's surroundings,
but the food and atmosphere really stand out.

At first glance the place looks small, if you aren’t paying attention then you may even miss the turn. The owners have done a great job of creating a cool vibe and an enjoyable atmosphere. By incorporating an open-air bar and patio they have maximized seating.

I asked our server if the seafood was local and I was assured that it was. The Bent Rod is located in McClellanville, SC. They are just around the corner from a fishing marina where they purchase the bulk of their seafood.

The bar opens up to the inside and the outside patio, a great layout to
maximize seating and create a one-of-a kind atmosphere.

We started with the truffle fries, they were good but too oily for my taste. My wife ordered the shrimp and I chose the flounder, this was by design so that we could try both. The portions were large and everything was cooked perfectly. We had plenty to eat and even left a few bites on our plates.

This is a great place to stop and have some authentic local dishes. This would also be a great place to have a beer and enjoy some local bar foods. If you are traveling along highway 17, the Bent Rod is worth a visit.

The Bent Rod

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