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Southern Manners Restaurant, Columbus, SC

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The Lost Treasure Mini Golf - North Myrtle Beach, SC

Well Kept and Kid-FriendlyThe Lost Treasure is one of the best mini golf courses we have ever played. The entire course is well designed, and very well maintained. Each round begins with a train ride to the top of the mountain, and many of the holes have a themed storyline revolving around the incredible Professor Hacker. This adventurous putt-putt course is very kid-friendly, my seven-year-old son loved it so much that we played both the diamond and the Gold course for a total of 36 holes. Please do not mistake “kid-friendly” to mean “easy”, each green on this course is easy enough for kids and still presents some interesting challenges for the adults.

If you do decide to give The Lost Treasure Mini golf course a shot, be sure to take advantage of the discounted second round. At the time of our visit, the second round only cost six bucks per person. I greatly recommend The Lost Treasure; I can't wait to check out other Professor Hacker mini-golf courses!

Patriot Point Maritime Museum

Very impressiveThe Fighting LadyVisiting Patriots Point, the nation’s oldest aircraft carrier museum was an awesome experience! The Fighting Lady is a retired World War II aircraft carrier, at over 70 years old she is still very impressive today.Inside the Aircraft CarrierThe inside of the USS Yorktown CV-10 is laid out similar to a museum. There are lots of military artifacts, scaled models, and several full-size airplanes. When you step out onto the massive flight deck, you will be in the midst of even more retired jets and military planes. This part of the tour was especially exciting to my seven-year-old son. The CV-10 is not designed for those with bad knees, many of the stairways are more like ladders than steps. The DestroyerThe USS Laffey (DD-724) is more interactive for the kids. This amazing vessel is much smaller and feels less like a museum. My advice would be to resist the urge to go straight for the enormous aircraft carrier. Take in the military destroyer and all it has…