Deep-sea Fishing Tips for Beginners

My family and I recently went on our first Deep-sea fishing voyage with Little River Fishing Fleet. We had a great time and were able to learn a few things to apply to our next head boat excursion. If you are planning your first deep-sea fishing adventure you may want to take a moment to go over this list of Deep-sea Fishing Tips for Beginners.

  • View the Weather Forecast - take sunscreen or rain gear as needed. Remember that when at sea it can be a bit breezy, A light jacket, hat, or long-sleeved shirt can come in handy.
  • Take a Small Cooler - Pack a small cooler with a few bottles of water and snacks, when you return to the dock, you can use your cooler to carry your cleaned fish. 

  • Call Ahead - It is a good idea to ensure what can and can not be brought aboard.
  • Motion Sickness - If you are susceptible to motion sickness then be sure to take your preferred motion sickness medication prior to embarking on this journey. It may be a good Idea to only have a light breakfast as well. 
  • Restaurants - Call around beforehand to find a couple of restaurants that will cook what you catch. This is usually a good way to have fresh fish and save a few bucks. 
  • Arrive Early - If you are able to be one of the first onboard you can grab a spot at the bow of the boat; you will have some of the best views and will have more standing room. 
  • Bring Some Cash - There will usually be a small selection of beer, drinks, and snacks available for purchase onboard.

  • Trust the Deckhands - If you are inexperienced with ocean fishing allow the deckhands to remove the fish from your line. Many of the ocean fish are much more aggressive than your typical river fish and most have more teeth. As an added bonus, you won't smell like fish at the end of the trip.
  • No Hassles -  Fishing rods, bait, and license are usually provided on a head boat or party boat fishing excursion. The crew will usually give instructions on casting, but don't be afraid to ask, you will save yourself from getting tangled 
  • Use The Free Bait - There is no need to pay extra for fancy baits. The baits provided by the fishing company, usually squid, will catch fish.

If I have forgotten anything, feel free to leave it in the comments below. 

Published: 10/21/2020
Last Updated: 12/10/2020

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