Thursday, December 1, 2022

Jubilee Deep Sea Fishing Review, Panama City, FL

Deep-sea fishing during our fall vacation is quickly becoming a family tradition. This past fall, we were in Panama City Beach Florida for the week and the deep-sea fishing did not disappoint. After doing our research, we settled on Jubilee Deep-sea Fishing and the entire trip was top notch. The fishing was good, the crew was friendly, and the boat was clean! Continue reading for more highlights.

We stuck with our tried and true plan of grabbing a biscuit and a coffee from the McDonald's drive thru. We arrived at the dock on time and the check in process was very easy. Prior to boarding the Jubilee, a 90ft. party boat, the captain gathered everyone together. This was the first time this had happened prior to a fishing trip like this, and I liked it. First, he went over a few safety instructions, then he told us about the onboard concessions, and finally he informed us about the current conditions at sea. Based on this info, I only took a fourth of a Dramamine and I was totally fine the entire trip. 

Another thing that he mentioned was that Jubilee provides family fishing experiences. They do sell beer at the concession stand, but he specifically mentioned "no hard liquors are allowed onboard". He went on to say, "we want everyone to have fun, but lets watch the language and behavior because we do have children on board". Considering that I have an impressionable 9-year-old, I appreciated this policy.

On the way to our first fishing stop we saw a dozen or so dolphins and huge jelly fish. The captain and crew were awesome and pointed out the dolphins as we approached. We did not book a dolphin spotting tour but I guess that is one of the perks of fishing in the gulf. Of course, they can be one of the  downsides of fishing in the gulf. We had no run-in's with the dolphins on our trip but the crew told us horror stories of dolphins stealing fish as passengers reel them in. 

The only downside that I found about the entire trip was the "assigned seats". As you check in, you are given your assigned fishing location. Most other charters we have been on are first come, first serve. We like to fish at the rear of the boat, but on this trip we were sitting along the side. We were told by one of the deck-hands that you can request the back at booking but there are no guarantees that the request will be granted. 

The captain of the Jubilee was great! He stayed in constant communication with the deckhands and announced what types of fish that were being caught over the intercom. Each time fishing slowed he was ready to take us to a new location, we ended up fishing in four different locations on this trip. As we finished the trip and headed inland, he allowed parents to bring their little ones up for a chance to drive the boat. 

After unloading we carried our fish next door and had them cleaned, we ended up keeping several lady fish and a nice size porgy. As is tradition, we stopped at a local hook & cook restaurant for a delicious lunch and then headed back to the condo for a lazy afternoon at the beach. 

Jubilee Deep-sea Fishing was top notch. They offer a great family experience and a chance to catch a load of fish. Be sure to give them a call if you are in the area!

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