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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sleep Inn, Millbrook, AL

When en route, we normally stay at chain hotels such as Choice Hotels, Best Western, or Marriot. It is for this reason that I generally do not review overnight stays. However, going forward I will pick at least one outstanding experience to feature on the site. 

For the first overnight stay post, I have chosen the Sleep Inn located in Millbrook, AL. When we checked in at the Sleep Inn, the lady on duty was very nice and our check-in went smoothly. We made it to our room which was clean and well stocked with all of the standard necessities.

Much to my surprise, our printer was out of toner on the day we departed so I still needed to print the parking pass for the condo. After attempting to use the computer located in the business center, with no luck, the lady at the front desk was happy to help. She printed my document for me, and I was back to my room in no time at all. 

The next morning I went downstairs for the complimentary hot breakfast. They offered the usual oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, and a few pastries. Wait, did I mention they had biscuits? Well, they did. On this occasion, there were egg and cheese biscuits as well as chicken biscuits. They were the typical frozen sandwiches that are supposed to be heated in the microwave but they were quite good. In addition to a chicken egg and cheese biscuit, I also had a cup of hotel coffee. I am not sure if they use the same coffee as other choice hotels or if I really needed a cup of joe, but the coffee here was surprisingly good. I even took a cup to go.

We had been driving for around an hour when I realized that I had forgotten something important back at the room. It was something we could not leave behind so we phoned the front desk and made our way back. The morning desk was just as nice and helpful as the night desk had been.

If I rated things on a star system then this hotel would receive 5-stars. If I ranked from one to ten, then this experience would receive a 10. But I don’t, I simply share my experience and this experience was a good one. If I were in Millbrook Alabama again, I would not hesitate to stay at the Sleep Inn.

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