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Monday, May 2, 2022

Bizarre Sea Creature, The Oyster Toadfish! Should We Have Eaten This?

This Bizarre find is not some road-side attraction, or a novelty item found in a gift shop. No, this fascinating creature is the work of nature. We were deep-sea fishing when my wife pulled in an Oyster Toadfish. The slimy creature measured 12-14 inches and was ugly as the day is long. Our guide said that no one eats these fish and advised us to throw him back. I have since read online that they are safe to eat and that they are surprisingly tasty. But trust me, I am not disappointed that I did not have Toadfish for lunch, he did not look the least bit appetizing

The mouth of this fish was disproportionately large when compared to his body. As the name suggests, they are known to eat oysters. The large mouth allows them to capture a whole oyster shell in their mouth. The power of these massive jaws allows the fish to crack the shell open to access the meat inside. While this sea critter is bizarre, he is also quite magnificent.

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Friday, February 18, 2022

30 ft. Golden Statue, Michelangelo’s David, Louisville, KY

Michelangelo’s David is one of the most famous sculptures of all time. When you drive by the massive golden replica located in Louisville Kentucky you will immediately recognize it. My 8-year-old son however, did not recognize the artwork but got a kick out of seeing this huge naked sculpture. The statue is an impressive 30 ft. tall and stands proudly at the corner of South 7th and West Main. While modesty is of little concern, on this visit, someone had taken a moment to ensure that the statue was portrayed as socially responsible. As you can see in the picture, David is wearing his Mask. Could the sculpture be wearing a speedo when you visit? Who knows? 

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Friday, December 3, 2021

Gummy Hotdog, Savannah's Candy Kitchen, Charleston Market Street

On our most recent trip to the beautiful and historic city of  Charleston South, Carolina, we stopped by Savannah's Candy Kitchen. Savannah's is located on the corner of Market and East Bay, and it is the place to be if you have a sweet tooth. While there, my son found something truly bizarre that my wife and I had never seen before: a gummy hotdog! As you can see in the picture, everything on this dog is gummy. Don't worry, the gummy mustard, ketchup, and pickle's do not taste like the real things. After doing a search on Amazon, I realized that this bizarre sweet treat, as well as a gummy taco, are available on Amazon. Click the image or the link below to check the price.

I cannot end this post without giving a shout out to Savannah's Kitchen. The store was very clean and the workers were friendly. If you are in the Charleston area and are in need of something sweet, you have to try the chocolate and caramel Gophers. They are delicious! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Bike on a Tree, Andalusia, AL

My family loves to stop at antique stores, consignment shops, and flea markets. Many times, we stumble onto things that are specific to the area that we are visiting. For example, a coastal town may have a large supply of vintage fishing gear and antique bobbers. While towns near a railroad may have a large selection of antique railroad signs. Each town is very different, so each stop provides something new, or maybe I should say “old”, and interesting. We have come across some cool stuff over the years, some we purchased, and some we left for the next traveler to enjoy. 

On our way back from Panama City Beach, we stopped in the small town of Andalusia, AL. Andalusia is the home of the Picket Fence, Antiques and Flea as well as the Blue Goose garden center. The garden center is located on the same property and just in front of the antique store. On our way back to the car, we walked up on this old bike hanging on a tree. In that moment, the bizarre page was inspired. If you are ever in Andalusia, stop and take a photo with the bike hanging on a tree.