Monday, July 18, 2022

The Antique Mall, Clarkesville, GA, Great Stop with A Wide Variety

If you want to take a look back in time, you can do it here at the Antique Mall. Located in Clarkesville, Georgia, you can find this shop on Google maps as simply, "Antique Shop". The name is not as original as most antique shops but don't let that fool you. Let's be real, most antique shops these days have what I think of as quirky bar names. However, even the best named stores often leave a lot to be desired. 

Once inside, this is a rather large shop. You will find dozens of long walkways chocked full of vintage goodies. The picture below shows the depth of the store. Keep in mind that the store is twice as wide as it is long. In a store this size, a shopper could easily spend an hour or more pilfering the shelves.

The variety here was impressive. They have a great selection of glassware, books, records, knives, toys, tools, baseball cards, coins, and so much more. On our visit, my wife stumbled onto some vintage wine glasses that she couldn't live without. Unfortunately, I ended up walking out empty handed. 

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