Friday, October 9, 2020

The Lost Treasure Mini Golf - North Myrtle Beach, SC

Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure miniature golf is one of the best mini golf courses that my family has ever played. The entire 36-hole course is well designed and very well maintained. Each round begins with a short but enjoyable train ride around the entire course and up to the top of the mountain. This is where you will begin your journey, along rivers, over bridges, under waterfalls, and through the mysterious caves. 
Professor Hackers - Dinosaur
This adventurous putt-putt course is highly entertaining and very kid-friendly. Many of the holes have a themed storyline revolving around the adventures of the incredible Professor Hacker. The storyline adds an entirely different element for kids, and it really helps to keep them involved throughout the entire game. At the time of our visit, our son was seven years old. He enjoyed the course so much that we played both the diamond and the gold courses in a single outing. We ended up playing a total of 36 holes and having hours of fun. 

However, please do not mistake “kid-friendly” to mean “easy”. Each green on this course presents some interesting challenges for the adult golfers to enjoy. Regarding difficulty, I would say that The Lost Treasure is on par with most other minigolf courses. I'm no Arnold Palmer, but I have played my share of golf and minigolf. While it may not present you with as much difficulty as it did me, this course did include some challenges and obstacles.
Professor Hackers Lost Treasure
If you do decide to give Professors Hacker's Lost Treasure a shot, then be sure to take advantage of the discounted second round. At the time of our visit, the second round only cost six dollars per person. I highly recommend The Lost Treasure and I can't wait to experience other Professor Hacker mini-golf adventures. If you have experience with any of the other Professor Hacker courses, please leave a comment and share your experience.

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