Friday, November 20, 2020

Harbor View Golf, North Myrtle Beach

Whether you are looking for a driving range, a par-3 golf course, foot-golf, or putt-putt, you will find it all at Harbor View Golf, in North Myrtle Beach.

I played this Par-3 course with my wife, who had never played, and my 7-year-old son. We visited during the off-season, and it had rained most of the week before. The entire course was soaked, and the greens were extra soft and shaggy. I can only assume that the greens would be in much better condition during prime season. Due to the rain, I am sure the ground crew was unable to mow. I usually like the greens a little faster, but on this occasion, the slow greens were a huge plus. They were perfect for my wife and son to enjoy and not get frustrated.

This tee shot landed hard on the green, it was a very wet day.
Many of the greens at Harbor View are on the small side. Since we were playing a scramble, the size of the greens did not hurt us. We were on most of the greens in one or two shots and parred most of the holes. In the unfortunate event that we did not get on in two shots, we allowed my son to use his foot-wedge. Don't judge. We were out there to have fun, not to beat ourselves up over missing a green by two feet.

I have seen other reviews of Harbor View that say it is overpriced. I disagree, 18 holes of golf and a golf cart cost the three of us $80. In my opinion, this course offered a lot of value at this price. I am certain the price may be a bit more during peak season.  

If you are looking for a pristine par-three course, Harbor View may not be for you. However, high-end golf courses do not usually offer foot-golf for the kids. This Par-3 golf course is great for a day trip with your family or an easy day of working on your short game. 


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