Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Supper Heros, Great Menu! Eat like a Superhero in Huntsville, AL

My son and I arrived in Huntsville, AL just before lunch. We wanted to try something new and memorable. We were looking for a restaurant that is local, kid-friendly, and awesome. It did not take us long to find the Supper Hero, which checked all the boxes.

I'll start with the overall atmosphere. The Supper Hero is a small sit-down diner, the entire room is decorated with action figures, comic books, posters, and comic memorabilia. The idea is great, and it is unlike any other restaurant that I have ever experienced. So, what's the problem? It is simply too much. The lights are painted with logos and the windows are painted with superhero murals. The lack of lighting makes the room very dim and gives the overall atmosphere a claustrophobic and cluttered feeling.

The menu is quite unique as well. The entire menu is in the form of a comic book, there are pictures, text bubbles, and well thought out descriptions of each menu item. Overall, this is a great idea, and it is very well-done cover to cover. My only complaint is that there is too much reading to determine what I want to order. This was a problem because the ordering process became slow. On this visit, I had to ask our server for more time, twice, which as a guest made me feel like I needed to hurry. 

At this point, I must sound like the "supper villain", and if so, then my superpower must be to nitpick my opponent, the Supper Hero to death. I assure you that I am no villain, but like any good comic, there must be a plot twist. A time in the story that allows the superhero the opportunity to reign victorious and to save the day. For the Supper Hero, that time is now. 

I'll begin with my son's meal; he wanted a plain cheeseburger (ketchup only) and a "full clip". The full clip is a large basket of fries, loaded with bacon, cheese, sour cream, and a side of ranch dressing. To be honest, half an order would have been plenty for both of us. But they were so good, we managed to finish the entire order. 
I have saved the most unique item on the menu for last, "The Huntsvillain". Since I've gotten older, I tend to lean toward a good old-fashioned cheeseburger. Lettuce, Tomato, onion, pickle, should be all that a good burger needs to be delicious. I am not sure why my taste has changed? I assume that it could be due to being older and now I am boring. But I'd like to think that it is because I have tried all of the exotic burger varieties and have settled on a timeless classic. 
The Huntsvillain is served with pepper jack cheese, fried jalapenos, and pepper jelly. This burger piqued my curiosity and made me turn to my old, much more youthful, way of thinking. The burger came out hot, the fried jalapenos were great, and every now and again I tasted a hint of sweet pepper jelly. Though I still prefer a classic cheeseburger, I thoroughly enjoyed the Huntsvillain. My only recommendation: before taking your first bite, be sure to have plenty of water and napkins on hand. This burger is big, messy, spicy, and sticky.

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