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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Little River Deep-sea Fishing, North Myrtle Beach, Best Deep-sea Fishing

Unforgettable Experience!

We showed up at Calabash Marina on the morning of our deep-sea fishing trip. They asked that we arrive 30 minutes early so breakfast came from a drive-thru on that morning. The check-in process was flawless and it only took a few minutes to get us checked in. Once checked in, we boarded the Hurricane II where we were greeted by one of the crew members. He recognized that we had a young fisherman with us so he offered us a spot in his section of the boat. He assured us that he would help my son out as needed, which was nice because I was trying to figure things out for myself. Since this was our first deep-sea fishing excursion, we opted for the half-day trip. The captain did a great job, he kept us on fish all morning and we moved to a new location each time it slowed down.

Calabash Marina, NC
Coastal Morning View

The deckhands were knowledgeable, they were able to identify many of the different fish species that were caught. They were quick to assist with removing fish, adding bait, and fixing tangles as needed. On top of all this they were fun to hang out with, and they really made this a memorable. 

My wife ended up catching the largest fish of the morning; she managed to reel in a Sharp Nose shark that was just under 4ft in length. When we returned to the dock one of the deckhands cleaned our keepers. They do not charge for this service, but keep in mind that they do accept tips. We gave some of our fish away to other passengers and we still ended up with plenty of fish for lunch. When all was said and done, we able to take a couple of pounds of shark and Grunt fish over to Crabcatchers restaurant, in Little River, NC. I can't say that I had ever had shark, it was very good, but I enjoyed the Grunt more.

Sharp-nose Shark

Everything about Little River Fishing Fleet is top-notch. They provided my family with a unique deep-sea fishing experience that we will never forget. If you have never been deep-sea fishing, I highly recommend going. If you are in North Myrtle, I highly recommend Little River Fishing fleet.

I have compiled a list of things that I learned from my first deep-sea fishing excursion. Take a minute to read Deep-sea Fishing Tips for Beginners.